Product and Fees

Individual Taxes

By working with me, I’ll help answer your tax questions as well as prepare your annual federal and state tax returns. I am available year-round for one annual fee. My fees are generally around $300, but vary from there depending on your individual tax needs (my range is approx. $250 – $800). When we first talk and I get a feel for your tax needs, I will give you your price quote and will do my best to stick by it. I am not trying to hide anything. There are no additional fees.

The following is included in my tax product:

  • Preparation and electronic filing of your federal and state tax returns
  • A digital copy of your tax returns
  • A secure source for providing me your tax information electronically. If you do not have digital documents and do not have access to a scanner, you can utilize your smartphone and upload your pictures directly to me.
  • A fast turn-around time to prepare your return. Most are completed within 72 hours.
  • Year-round consultation for your tax questions
  • Help with quarterly estimated tax payments

Business Taxes

I am available to assist small business owners and start-ups with their tax and general business needs. Pricing is harder to provide, but, for a ballpark estimate, basic tax planning services and the filing of an annual Federal & State business return is about $750. Again, pricing can be higher or lower depending on your company (my range is approx. $300 – $1,500). Consulting services are available on an hourly or project basis, as needed. When we first talk and I get a feel for your tax needs, I will give you your price quote and will do my best to stick by it. Fee also includes all services mentioned above for individuals (including a fast turn-around time!).

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Other Products

I am a published author on Amazon. If you are interested in reading and learning more about how a self-directed retirement plan could be the right choice for you, check out my book here. In particular, I talk about how to use a self-directed retirement plan to invest in real estate.

Are you a rideshare driver? Want to prepare your own taxes? Check out my latest book on Amazon: Rideshare Driver Tax Guide: Maximize Your Earnings as an Uber or Lyft Driver.